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About Us

“Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.”   -Minor Myers Jr.


About the Shop

Blue Iris Jewelry was founded on the belief that beauty and good should go hand in hand.

The blue iris has long been a symbol of hope and faith. That’s why we at Blue Iris Jewelry source special collections of jewelry, each carefully made by artisans who bring good to the world, including:

  • Hand-made by survivors of trafficking finding new occupations or impoverished women overseas
  • Created from recycled plastics and earth-friendly materials
  • Jewelry using recycled metal from bombs in countries de-mining their land after war

For more information on the social impact each piece of jewelry brings, see the Jewelry for Good description listed on our product pages or click here to visit our Jewelry Collections page.

We’ve combined a love of jewelry and social justice with

  • Free shipping
  • Easy returns
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Unique inventory not found on Amazon :)
  • Friendliest customer service on the planet

....all to give you the best experience possible as you search for the perfect piece to bring into your story.

That way, you can focus on what’s more important than jewelry—going into the world and doing good.

About the Founder

Hannah Rose found her interest in jewelry at a young age, trying to create bead and wire jewelry from simple metal jigs and plastic beads (losing most of the beads under the couch in the process).

Later on, while becoming involved in the modeling community, she fell in love with the ability of beauty – in people, places, and things – to create change in the world.

As she got older, she became passionate about anti-human trafficking and began working in social justice causes primarily in Texas, working full-time in the anti-human trafficking field for nearly five years and coming in contact with dozens of incredible survivors. 

It was the combination of her love for social justice and for art that drove her to start Blue Iris Jewelry, where beauty and good combine.

Giving Back

10% of all profits from Blue Iris Jewelry go to nonprofits working in the human trafficking space through the Blue Iris Give Back program. These nonprofits are specifically Traffick911 (https://www.traffick911.com) which provides 24/7 advocacy services to juvenile survivors of sex and labor trafficking, and the Rebecca Bender Initiative (https://www.rebeccabender.org), which offers trafficking education to the community as well as services to adult survivors for rebuilding their lives and identities post-trafficking. 

 Blue Iris’s founder, Hannah Rose, has worked directly with both of these nonprofits and their management staff, seeing firsthand the incredible impact they have, which is why they were chosen as the recipients of Blue Iris’s Give Back program.